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“ Is a movement and congregation of beautiful minds to make the world a better place to live in, to make the society free from evils of inequality and poverty. We need your support to continue our movement and we shall welcome your support in any form.”

Donations to IRRWS is exempted under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act. Govt. of INDIA


Islampur Ramkrishnapally Rural Welfare Society [ IRRWS ] completed 25 years as a social welfare organisation in the year 2021. It has been a journey of innovation and ideas. It has stood for and promoted grass root empowerment rural development, economic furtherance with democratic governance. These 25 years of IRRWS have had their share of both frustrations and stimuli. Most daunting has been the continued inability to address fundamental problems of injustice, inequality and deprivation in our society. Solutions that appeared to be relevant earlier, seems irrelevant today. The complexity of causes underlying these problems has increased. So the constant innovations are very much essentials today. Though there have been several hindrances in its way but IRRWS has achieved a significant success in its missions.

From the Secretary’s Desk

This year one of the remarkable year of achievements and lot of success stories are written : Providing education, creation of awareness, closing socio-economic divide, helping downtrodden  & socio-economically backward people in Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal. Many of our stories were praised by different levels but I feel lot of hard work to be done in the coming future but as we grow we need more people to come under our umbrella to guide us on our core issues and help support our mission. 

I would like to thank all of our well wishers for their uninterrupted support and also our executive committee members, advisory committee members, volunteers, staffs for their hard work towards the organisation. 

Abdul Alim Parvej


Background of IRRWS

The organisation Islampur Ramkrishnapally Rural Welfare Society [ IRRWS ] was founded in March 1995 with some energetic young youth, dedicated social workers, educators, volunteers and retired government officials. Uttar Dinajpur district is one of the most backward district in all respect in West Bengal  and there was no platform  to address issues of rural and urban development. Thus the concept of IRRWS and It is a neutral platform for multi-sectoral development. IRRWS is a registered non-profit voluntary organization in West Bengal of India.

Annual Turnover 

FY- 2018-2019             : Rs.49.12 lakhs

FY- 2019-2020             : Rs.39.78 lakhs

FY- 2020-2021              : Rs.35.38 lakhs


  • To offer opportunities for personal growth and development, skill enhancement  by providing technical and vocational skills.
  • To motivate and recognize each persons efforts and achievement so that one can recognize ones own worth.
  • To empower the poor and marginalized communities through economic and development .
  • To provide ongoing support system and services to the target group beneficiaries through efficient and readily availability management information system.
  • To reach out poorest and underprivileged section of the society for self reliance in health, education and economic prosperity.

We Are Dedicated

For Social Change

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