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We are involved with various activities related to socio-economic development of poor and needy people of India.


Livelihood Intervention through Developed Farming and Enterprise (LIFE) Project

The organisation is implementing the project with the support from Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)-India since 2015.

Aims of this project :  –

  1. Increased crop production by optimizing the use of natural resources,
  2. Ensured adequate household food provisioning and increased income from agricultural production.
  3. Improved capacity of targeted farm families to work together to improve their economic- health & hygiene status.

Achievements during the FY 2019-20  :

  1. Total SRI Practicing farmers – 96 Nos.
  2. Total Kitchen Garden Established – 168 Nos.
  3. Community Mushroom Cultivating Unit – 8 Nos.
  4. Farmer cultivated Black Cumin (Experimental) – 10 Nos.
  5. Farmers preparing Vermicompost – 48 Nos.
  6. Farmers cultivating Azolla – 84 Nos.
  7. Farmers’ Club Formed– 4 Nos.
  8. SHGs Formed – 6 Nos.
  9. Producers’ Organization Formed – 1 No.

Under this programme Uttar Dinajpur Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Chopra, is providing Consultancy services towards better implementation of the project and DDM, NABARD, Uttar Dinajpur, Assistant Director of Agriculture, and Assistant Director-Agricultural Marketing U/D. and Other Line Departments are also helping the organisation to achieve the Goal of the Project.

Dignity For Work (DFW) & COVID-19 Relief programme supported by Goonj

This year the organisation organized Dignity for Work (DFW) programme with the support from GOONJ.  Under this programme the organisation undertaken various rural development programme like : Kaccha Road repairing, Pond excavation, Kitchen Garden Programme, School Shoe distribution programme, Building Tribal Community Hall etc.

This year the organisation organized School to School Shoe distribution programme with the support from GOONJ.. 

5 nos. of Govt. aided  School of Islampur Sub Division were covered under the programme. We have distributed Shoes to children

During the COVID -19 pandemic the organisatio supported 250 poor families with dry ration.

Joseph Hasda, farmer of Bansbari Village of Matikunda-II GP cultivated organic Brinjal.

Md Ismail farmer of Balahancha village of Islampur G.P. cultivated organic Cauliflower

Rice Cultivation through SRI Process by Md Israil at Balancha Village of Islampur G.P.

Nutrtional Kitchen Garden at Bansbari Adibasipara Implemented by IRRWS supported by MCCI

Degitisation of SHGs in Islampur Subdivision supported by NABARD under Eshakti Project

The organisation is undertaking project of digitisation of SHGs of Islampur Sub Divsion with the support from NABARD. 3000 nos. of SHGs documents will be digitised  under the project. SHGs and Banks all stakeholders will be able to view SHGs documents through online platform and it will help SHGs to manage their credits and functioning through mobile app. 

Soil Health test programme in Islampur Block

The Department of Agricultural, Govt. of West Bengal had entrusted the organisation to collect Soil Sample from Islampur Block. The organisation collected 3000 nos. of Soil Sample for Soil Health Test from Islampur Block of Uttar Dinajpur and handed over to the District Lab for Soil Health Test. The Test result will be handed over to the Farmers.

Support to Farmers with Organic manure & Seeds

The Department of Agricultural, Govt. of West Bengal had provided Seeds of Sunflower, Water Melon, Paddy, Papaya, and Organic Manure to the 125 nos. of Farmers under Islampur Block through ATMA project.

Blanket Distribution Programme to the poor people

We distribute Blanket to the poor and needy people of local area. Name of the beneficiaries are collected by our volunteer and the distribution is done mainly from our own fund. In the year of 2018, the programme was supported by Kolkata Gives Foundation.


Computer Application, Business Accounting & Multilingual DTP Centre ( CABA - MDTP Centre )

IRRWS is running a “Computer Application , Business Accounting & Multilingual DTP (CABA-MDTP )”- Centre sponsored by NCPUL, Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The Centre is named after e-ST Infotech & Training Institute (e-SITI) and offering one year Diploma in Computer Applications, Business Accounting & Multilingual DTP Course with joint Certification from NCPUL (National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language), Ministry of HRD & DOEACC,     Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India. The course is at per DOEACC- ‘O” Level. At present 110 students are enrolled in the centre, most of them  belongs to Minority community, The Centre provide quality education and creating employment opportunity to the unemployed students.    

National Children Academy ( English Medium School)

The organisation is running the primary school – National Children Academy at Dhantolla of Islampur, Dist.- Uttar Dinajpur, W.B. Most of the children are from the very poor family background are getting quality education. Teachers and volunteers are providing extraordinary services to it. At present 200+ students are enrolled in the School.

The organisation is running the school with its own fund.

Educational Help to the poor Students

IRRWS is one of the leading Non Government Organization in Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal, India. We are trying to promote education for students belong to poor and needy families. We distribute Books, School Bags, Pens etc. with our own fund. We are running this activity for several years.


Diagnostic Centre & Pathological Lab

The organisation is running the Diagnostic centre and Pathological Lab at Ukilpara of Islampur Municipality. Health related programme, with the establishment of Diagnostic centre & Pathological Lab. Initially the organisation providing ECG and Pathological test to the patients but it have plan to provide a comprehensive range of services like Ultrasound, X-Ray, EMG, Ultrasonography etc. The diagnostic centre and Pathological lab provide 50% reduction of cost for any kind of test for the BPL category of people. The S.D.O. – Islampur Sub Division inaugurated the centre and praised the initiative of the organisation.

Rogy Sahayata Kendra at Lodhan BPHC

The organisation is running a programme Rogy Sahyata Kendra at Lodhan BPHC under Goalpokher –I block of Uttar Dinajpur for last 3 years. The programme is aimed to help the RSVY card holder to avail Govt. grant for their medical treatment. The programme is supported by Dept. of Health & Family Welfare , Govt. of W.B.

Free Health Checkup Camp

On August 2017 we organised Free health Checkup camp at Islampur Town Library Hall. 110 people were participated in the programme. Free Health check up was done by the specialized doctor including Blood Suger, Blood Pressure, ECO, Foot care etc.


Consumer Assistance Bureau (CAB)

The organisation was running Consumer Assistance Bureau (CAB) at Raiganj of Uttar Dinajpur district and Siliguri of Darjeeling District with the aid by department of Consumer Affairs & FBP, Govt. of W.B. Aims and Objectives of CAB :-
  • Facilitate filing of complaints in appropriate forum for redressal of grievances of aggrieved consumers.
  • Take up liability on behalf of aggrieved consumers by initiating dispute redressal process up to final disposal of the dispute in the appropriate District Forum.
      Through the CAB the organisation filled 95 nos. of Complaints at District Consumer Forum and 46 nos of petition were disposed off in favour of the Consumers.       The organisation providing free legal services to the consumers.

Telecom Consumers Grievance Redressal meeting

The organisation is a registered CAG member of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and as  per the provision of the TCCRR 2012 regulation of TRAI, the organisation have became Advisory Committee member to the Appellate Authority of various Telecom service Provider.

With the support of the regulation the organisation scrutinize the complain redressed by the Appellate Authority of the service provider. In the financial year 2019-20, the organisation participated regular meetings with the following service provider and no. of Meetings :















The Advisory Committee meets each and every fortnightly along with complains lodge by the telecom consumers and the organisation scrutinize all the complain and accordingly advice the Appellate authority to resolve the problem keeping the interest of the consumers.

The basic objective of the meeting is to bring transparency into the Grievance redressal mechanism by the telecom service provider and keep the consumer interest first.  Through this process the organisation resolved more than 1584 consumer issues in the FY 2019-20.


Aims and Objectives of CAB :-

  • Facilitate filing of complaints in appropriate forum for redressal of grievances of aggrieved consumers.
  • Take up liability on behalf of aggrieved consumers by initiating dispute redressal process up to final disposal of the dispute in the appropriate District Forum.     

      Through the CAB the organisation filled 95 nos. of Complaints at District Consumer Forum and 46 nos of petition were disposed off in favour of the Consumers.

      The organisation providing free legal services to the consumers.

Consumer Awareness through Tableau, Hording, Flex, Wall Writing, Street Drama

This year the organisation organized Tablue programme in Islampur Block of Uttar Dinajpur for 6 days and also placed Hording and Wall writing , Street Drama at important places at Islampur to create awareness among the consumers.
The volunteer made announcements on Consumer awareness and also distributed leaflets in important places like Markets, schools Offices etc.

The organisation organised Street Drama four Places at Goalpokher-I G.P. of Islampur Sub Division.

Consumer Awareness through Expo Mela

The organisation was running a stall at Islampur Expo Mela from 01.06.17 to 05.06.17 (5 days) to create awareness among the Consumers. During the period we organised drama, video show on consumer issues. Also have various books, handbills, leaflets etc. on Consumer. More than 800 people visited our stall.


Training to SHGs on Vermicompost, Organic Kitchen Garden Preparation & Financial Literacy

The organisation organised seven SHG training programme in Islampur Sub Division supported by WBSCL

Aaya / Sahaika Training

We organised 8 nos. of Aaya / Sahaika Training programme at our office Training Hall with the assistance from Employment exchange, Department of Labour, Govt. of WB. The objective of the training is to train the Home worker about the proper use of Home appliances and its security measures. 25 nos. of trainees ware participated in each training.

Training on Handicrafts

Like previous year this years the organisation had organised two training programme on Handcrafts for the rural women in the month of September & October 2017. The programme was for one month each. The programme was organised at Balancha village and Santalia village of Islampur Block. In Islampur there are several rural people who earn their livelihood through making of Hand Crafts like Bamboo works. There is a good self employment opportunity in it. 25 unskilled women participated in each training programme. The programme was organized by the organisation with its own initiative.


Awareness Camp on Anti Trafficking

This year we organised four Awareness Camps in the boarder area villages i.e. Malipara, Jagtagaon, Matikunda & Bansbari of Matikunda-II GP. Under Islampur Block on Anti Trafficking.
This programme was organised with the increasing reports about and the expanding ramification of commercial sexual exploitation of women and children in the border area ( Bangladesh) villages of Islampur Sub Division, a serious and sustained action is needed to prevent and suppress immoral trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of women and children. As a first step to prevent this inhuman phenomenon the organisation this year organised four camp.

Awareness Camp on HIV/AIDS

From the last few year the organisation IRRWS was taking bold steps towards prevention and control of AIDS. This year with no exception, IRRWS organized four Awareness Camps on HIV/AIDS in the month of December 2017 to March 2018 at four villages adjacent to Bangladsh Boarder namely at Matikunda, Gaisal, Kodaldah and Santalia  of Islampur of Uttar Dinajpur district. Social workers, eminent speakers participated as resource persons.


  • To reduce the vulnerability of HIV infection among the FSW in intervention areas through awareness generation
  • To increase STD/HIV/AIDS awareness knowledge among the FSW and bridge population within three years.
  • To enhance the accessibility of FSW at ICTC, VCCT, PPTCT & DOTS to reduce STD among the targeted community.
  • To create an enabling environment to mitigate and reduce the impact of HIV&AIDS on FSW
  • To promote consistent and correct use of condom among the communities through demonstration, distribution and social marketing.
  • To create an environment supportive to service delivery and community development


Awareness Camp on Environment Protection

IRRWS organized five Awareness Camps on Climate Change in five different villages of Islampur Block within the month from September to December 2017. Five places where awareness camp were organised are Ruhia, Balancha, Bansbari, Gunjaria, Borhot of Islampur Block. Our experts gave ideas about various ways and means to protect the environment. More than 100 people participated in each camp.


Apart from various regular programme we celebrated the following days in a befitting manner with cultural programmes, meetings, padayatras, rally etc.

Independence Day, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Day, National Consumer Day, Rabindranath Tagore’s Birth Day, Republic Day, National Education Day.