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About Us

We are involved with various activities related to socio-economic development of poor and needy people of India.


Organizational Linkages & Capacity

IRRWS works exclusively for the development of the most needy rural poor with non-profit making, non-political and non-religious character. It regularly submits its reports to all the concerned authorities and maintains maximum accountability and transparency in its activities, programmes, accounts etc. So far it has maintained a good work relationship with all the Government departments and other institutions which extended financial as well as organisational development support to IRRWS for its programmes and activities. The organisation also networking more than 200 voluntary organisations all over in India including some national level and International level Organisations. The society has bank accounts and capable accounts to account for the financial transactions systematically. The field staff are young people and also committed to execute the work in time with required spirit. Hence we are confident to implement any project however big they are in terms of financial capacity or activity wise.

The Infrastructure

IRRWS have its registered & administrative office at Ramkrishnapally of Islampur of Uttar Dinajpur district, in a rented building to Implement and monitor programme activities in all 9 Blocks of Uttar Dinajpur District. The field office at Raiganj is in a rented building to monitor the programme activities in 4 blocks of Uttar Dinajpur. There is the well furnished computer system in the administrative office as well as field office along with a systematic Information , Education and Communication (IEC) facilities such as Projector, Sound Systems, telephones, fax, and e-mail. We could make the best use of the computer system in documentation and preparing all reports systematically. The organisation have its own land.


To aware the rural people about their Health, Education and basic rights, assists them to recognize and improve their potentialities through skill formation, knowledge sharing and transfer of technical know how, guide them to generate economic benefit for promoting sustainable development in rural economy.


In the 21st century IRRWS is poised to be the pioneer for resource center assuring progress and success. IRRWS’s vision is to achieve a value-oriented sustainable society based on social-orientation, economic growth, local capacity building and empowerment of people for a complete social transformation.

Organisational Structure